The Economic Development Department of the City of Warsaw is the municipal unit responsible for development of local enterpreneurship, economic promotion and acquiring new investments. It offers the following forms of support to investors who locate their investments in Warsaw:

Information activites

  • obtaining essential data and providing industry knowledge;
  • a Warsaw information package.

Support for investors

  • an individual approach;
  • assistance at every stage of an investment, including by organizing reference visits;
  • administrative support, supplying essential information.

Support in locating office premises

  • access to information on local real estate;
  • support in the choice of location;
  • cooperating with real estate agencies.

Recruitment activities

  • cooperating with university career offices;
  • cooperating with HR agencies,
  • coordinating joint initiatives with universities.

Post-investment care

  • follow-up meetings, support for ongoing activities by providing industry information;
  • engaging in joint activities to develop the business services sector;
  • coordination of projects between investors and colleges and universities;
  • cooperation with companies in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects.




Investment support